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Friday, February 25, 2011

BPO - Data Entry Project works

The world is looking for a place where everything is available at your fingertips just by hitting few strokes on the keyboard. So that the availability of the data, both current and historical. This gives rise to the evolution of e-library. E-library is the fastest medium in which the data can be used for various purposes. Now the question arises, how to e-publish the historical data available on the hard copies. The data will need to be converted to soft copies, which allows editing with the updated information and the updated designs. The process is very simple. First the hard copies or Books will be scanned to images by using a scanner. The limitation for these images is not the formats, which can be edited. Therefore, the images need to be manually type in NOTEPAD using HTML coding, and GIF/JPEG/PDF to MS WORD. This is where you and we fit in. These companies are having lots of books or documents in image formats (GIF, JPEG, PDF) which needs to be converted to MS WORD, HTML format. This means that the image data will need to be manually typed into the MS Word, Notepad using the HTML coding. This job is been outsourced to our company from an e-publishing company. The work will be broken down into smaller fragments and supply it to the individuals from companies for the purpose of data conversion, HTML Tagging. All we are looking for are the accuracy. These are work from home or work at home jobs. You can take these jobs on a part-time basis, and full times This is a wonderful opportunity for you to earn extra money in your leisure time. 

Why BPO is going great and why these out sourcing companies need people. This is why because most of the companies need to cut down expenses as salaries and other perks etc. In India BPO is cheap and salaries are less, if they take home BPO the expenses will be very less. All the benefits made them to think in out sourcing works to India like countries.The payment is done to you strictly depending on your accuracy. You get paid differently according to the percentage of the accuracy maintained by you. The instructions will be provided along with the job work placed. You will be also given a demo work in order to get better accuracy levels. We are one of the best "work from home" jobs outsourcing company in South India. Our motive is to provide jobs to people from all walks of life. Anybody from the students, retired people, unemployed, professionals, House-wives can do the Data Conversion jobs, HTML Tagging from your home in order to earn extra cash for you and your family. We have learned from the flaws and loopholes in the other job providing companies and have planned our works in such a manner that the problems do not occur at all.
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