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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Online job opportunity !!

Online Job Guide
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Cash Links

Cash Links are basically paid-to-click ads. It helps the members to grow their earnings. TrafficMonsoon is very competitive on the paid-to-click (PTC) industry since not many PTC offer as much earnings as TrafficMonsoon does.

There are four types of Cash Links to click:
·         $0.001 cash links with a 5 seconds timer
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Referrals (Earn 100% referrals clicks commission)

TrafficMonsoon offers a very generous incentive to the promoters. When you bring a customer on TrafficMonsoon, they will earn you good commissions:
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AdPack Sharing /investment strategy

buy an ad pack of 50$
and this 50$ gives you 55$ in 51days
so 1 adpack 50$-55$ return in 51 days
if you buy 1st day 1ad pack50$ gives you 1$ per day 
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3ad pack 50*3=150$ gives 3$ per day

on this way when you reach 50$ buy again an ad pack and this way increase to buy ad pack
when you have 40 ad pack then you will get 40$ per day and 1200$ in one month.
so set your target how much adpack you can buy and remember 91% repurchase and 9% withdraw

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